Parsetek Inc. has successfully completed and is currently performing on prime contracts and subcontracts for government and commercial enterprises. Below is a sampling of our satisfied customers:


    • Federal
      • (ACA)
        Project – CMC Healthcare
      • Social Security Administration
        Project – ITSSC
      • United Patents and Trademark Office
        Project – ITSSC
    • State
      • State of California
        Technology: Middleware Technology (Websphere)
      • State of New York
        Technology: MiddleWare Technology (Websphere)
      • Agency NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD)
        Project: Websphere and Unix Administration
      • City of Philadelphia:
        Project: Oracle Apps Basis 2 – Billing and Customer Information System
      • State of Nevada:
        Project: Flight Maps / Map Sales

Tier 1 Vendor:

  • State of Colorado
    • Project Name: PEAK Call Center
  • State of Georgia
    • Project Name: Electronic Health Records and Master Calendar
  • State of Arkansas
  • State of Iowa
  • State of Michigan
  • State of Ohio
  • State of Oregon
  • State of Pennsylvania
  • State of Utah
  • State of Virginia