Parsetek Inc. was founded with the vision to develop next-gen IT solutions and products while also providing high-quality services. Its co-founders bring years of technical and management consulting experience to the firm.

The company’s core competencies include delivering enterprise software solutions. It has specific expertise in Siebel CRM Solutions, IBM WebSphere Business Integration Applications, AWS Cloud, and Documentum ECM Solutions.

Parsetek Inc. also provides specialized consulting services to customers in solutions development to address complex business problems ranging from content management to mobile app development. It also offers services in designing and managing enterprise infrastructures to cloud architectures for hosting scalable and cost-effective solutions.

The company provides enterprise software solutions for various government agencies (federal and state) and also commercial customers. Over 75 percent of our team supports customers performing federal and state government contracts. We have Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in legacy as well as emerging technologies. Our expertise includes the following:

Supporting multiple clients for:

  • Middleware technologies and products
    • Application servers, web servers, LDAP servers, database servers.
  • Messaging technologies and products
    • IBM MQ, IBM MB, Rabbit MQ, Hornet Q.
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Service Oriented Applications (SOA) architectures
    • IBM WESB, Redhat Fuse
  • Big Data architectures.
    • Hadoop, Cassandra implementations.
  • NoSQL databases
    • MongoDB
  • Content management systems
    • EMC Documentum Suite, Alfresco
  • Automation technologies and products
    • Puppet, Chef, Ansible.
  • Cloud technologies and products.
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud.