Parsetek was founded with the vision to develop next gen products, provide quality services and develop lasting relationships. The company was formed on the years of technical and management consulting experience of its founding members. Parsetek’s core competency is delivering Enterprise software solutions. We also provide specialized consulting services to clients in solutions development solving complex business problems in everything from content management to mobile app development, designing and managing enterprise infrastructures to cloud architectures for hosting scalable and cost effective solutions.   

As an equal employment opportunity company, Parsetek does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, disability, age or any ethnic background.


At Parsetek Inc., employees, services, and customers are at the heart of our business. We are committed to following those core values that keep us focused on and engaged with these three priorities. These values also drive and ensure strong performance, superior customer service, consistent delivery of expected results, and overall growth and success.

For any business to succeed there are three key components – Employees, Services and Customers. We have pledged to follow the values and principles that will uphold these core components.

  • People: Empower and recognize employees
  • Customer Service: Consistently deliver superior customer service
  • Application: Apply sound software engineering principles to create quality products
  • Respect: Value diversity and embrace inclusiveness
  • Services: Strive to offer outstanding services
  • Excellence: Commit to excellence in every facet of the business
  • Technology: Combine technology with knowledge and innovation to provide solutions
  • Expertise: Provide expertise in designing and developing error-free products
  • Knowledge: Effectively leverage knowledge gained from years of industry and government experience for the benefit of customers